Business Coaching


Business Advisory Beyond Numbers

Business is a series of decisions, some of them can make or break an organisation. All of them have the potential to affect performance and your market positioning. Sound decision-making and effective execution are the catalysts to business and organisational success.

As winners of the 2017 Australian Accounting Awards ‘Business Advisory Firm of the Year’ the team at SMART Business Solutions are well placed to work with you on proactive business advisory services focusing on the future. We tailor each and every service to meet your needs.

Find out below which types of coaching we offer:

Business & Financial Coaching

Are you keen to find new strategies to improve performance and overcome business challenges? 

Owning your own business is hard work. It's not uncommon for business owners to feel alone and unsupported, often spending little time working on your business while being trapped in the day to day technical or operational aspects.  Having a business coach working alongside you as your own private business cheerleader might be the right move for you. The purpose of Coaching is to provide you with structure, accountability and support to keep you on target towards achieving the goals you have set in your Business Plan. Think of us as your personal trainer - but we won't make you do sit ups! 


Business Planning

An effective business planning process gets to the heart and soul of your business.  Upon completion of pre-work we’ll have a greater understanding of your vision and core values.

Then we’ll facilitate a planning session to help you create a clear and concise Business Plan. This Business Planning session will require you to take time out from your day-to-day activities in the business to focus on the business.  Together, we’ll review your past performance and clarify your future direction.


Cashflow & Budgets

FACT: Poor cashflow is the number one reason businesses fail. 
Cashflow planning is the best practice in any business and critical to survival and growth.  Setting targets and monitoring your actual cashflow against your forecast will enable you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business.

Whether your bank has requested a Cashflow Forecast or not, every business owner needs an understanding of cash and liquidity for better decision making. 


Organisational Review

Are you overwhelmed by the number of different tasks you’re trying to manage in your business?

Many businesses do not have absolute clarity around their team’s defined roles and responsibilities. This often results in owners wearing too many ‘hats’, meaning little time spent is on strategic or high-level activities that create real value for the business. An Organisational Review will help you build a functional Organisation Chart which visually defines departments, key functions, roles and responsibilities. 

We will help you to structure your business so that it is more sustainable, scalable, and, ultimately, saleable.


KPI Improvement Coaching

The better you understand your business, the easier it will be to increase your profits and free up cashflow. 

We’ve developed this service to enable business owners to understand the key drivers or key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in their business, how to accurately measure them and apply strategies and tactics to improve them. First, we work together to establish your KPIs. These may be financial, e.g. gross profit margin, or non-financial e.g. customer satisfaction.

We’ll then teach you how to measure each KPI and set improvement targets to keep you and your team on track for success and improved job satisfaction.