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From humble beginnings...

Smart Business Solutions founding director, Shannon Smit, had a vision from the beginning. With a career spanning global firms in New York, Prague, Amsterdam and Melbourne, Shannon chose to forgo a partner position at a Big 4 firm in New York, in favour of setting up a globally minded, local approach firm offering strategic tax, business and financial advisory in her local region, Mornington Peninsula. She wanted to give local business owners access an advisor with extensive global expertise, without having to travel to the city.

The Home Office 

It all started in Shannon's spare room at home in 2007, where the seeds of innovation and entrepreneurship were sown. With a vision for excellence and a drive to empower businesses, Shannon transformed this modest space into the birthplace of Smart Business Solutions, saying yes to all opportunities and employing another accountant shortly afterward.

From these small quarters, she set out on a journey to provide exceptional financial guidance and support to clients.

Today, Smart Business Solutions stands tall as a testament to the dedication, ambition, and unwavering commitment that began in that unassuming home office.

The Building - 328 Main Street, Mornington

Aptly nicknamed, "The Accountant The Builds," Shannon Smit bought land and embarked on plans alongside her builder father Geoff Taylor, in 2011. With a clear vision that the building needed to perform as more than just a vessel for work, and it needed to be able to grow with the firm with minimal environmental impact wherever possible.

The three level, 1200sq2 building is completely self-sustained by enormous underground water tanks. The building does not require servicing from town water supply. The building has the highest-grade commercial insulation in the walls and roof, alongside triple glazed, thermally broken, window units, which were manufactured and shipped from the US to ensure that there is minimal need for excessive heating or cooling of the offices.

The building is powered by solar panels over the entire roof, therefore requiring minimal only powering from the power grid.

Originally, Smart Business Solutions operated the business on half of Level 1, with tenants filling up the other side of Level 1, and more tenants on the top floor and ground floor offices.

As at 2023, Smart Business Solutions expanded to fill across the whole of Level 1 at 328 Main Street Mornington.

The firm now offers a holistic approach to financial services encompassing tax and accounting, financial advisory and mortgage broking.

Under Shannon's leadership, Smart Business Solutions Group has become the Mornington Peninsula's most awarded financial and accounting services firm, with a reputation for working proactively with clients to empower them to make informed choices and shape their own fulfilling futures.

From little things, big things grow.

At Smart Business Solutions, our purpose is to empower individuals to make informed choices and shape their own fulfilling futures.