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We're not just accountants.

The SMART Business Solutions team are dedicated to delivering more. That's why we are actively involved in pulling together learning and networking events such as B.I.T.E Conference, Lunch & Learn Workshops and more.
We're big advocates on sharing our knowledge. That's why you don't have to be a client of SMART Business Solutions to get the benefits of our events. We deliver high quality, engaging events designed to provide great learning, helping you do better in whatever it is that you do. It's all about sharing and real human connection. 

Xero - "How To" Series by Smart Business Solutions
Xero's new AWESOME Feature - Business Snapshot Dashboard

Paul has recorded a video on Xero's new AWESOME feature "Business Snapshot Dashboard" 

We are so excited that you can now view your business's financial well-being in a single snapshot. Compare your current financial position with last month, quarter or financial year.
The Business Snapshot is a dashboard-style report displaying business performance measures to help you better understand the financial position of your business.  The more you understand the numbers, the better position you will be in managing your business, especially during these challenging times.

Webinar 30 April 2020
JobKeeper Specifics & Common Questions 

The JobKeeper Specifics Webinar covers the detail of how to work with the JobKeeper program from registration to the ongoing compliance including:

✅ Employer registration – selecting the right test period
✅ Alternative turnover tests
✅ Registering if there are some uncertainties on client information
✅ Understanding your monthly reporting requirements
Download PDF slidedeck here

Xero - "How To" Series by Smart Business Solutions
How to process the JobKeeper Payment in Xero & Report

Brandon has recorded a video on how to process JobKeeper in Xero, and minutes after he finished, Xero updated further to include a basic last month turnover calculator too!
Here's what we covered:
✅ Getting ready for JobKeeper Payments Checklist which incldues register your interest with the ATO, Set up single touch payroll, enrol employees for JobKeeper payments and update your JobKeeper pay items to report correctly to the ATO.
✅ How to complete an unscheduled pay run to convert already processed payruns to the newly create JobKeeper payroll items
✅ How to process an ordinary pay run with correct JobKeeper pay items

Webinar 16 April 2020
Australian Government JobKeeper Payment

The JobKeeper subsidy represents the largest single stimulus initiative ever offered to Australian business. A payment of $1,500 per fortnight for each eligible employee for a period of up to 6 months is a massive underwrite of the Australian economy and already hundreds of thousands of businesses have registered their interest to participate in the scheme. With $130 billion on offer, there are plenty of risks if you get it wrong. And, like any package of this type, the devil is in the detail. (Note - at the 33min point, superannuation is payable on all jobkeeper payments where the employee works, it is not payable on the 'top up' if the employee doesn't work, the slides are correct but I mixed the two when presenting....)

Here's what we covered during our webinar on Thursday April 16th:
✅ Eligibility for employers, employees, sole traders & other structures
✅ Calculating turnover, managing registration, and payment in practice
✅ Risk managing your business to avoid getting it wrong
✅ Live Q&A of more than 60 questions from webinar attendees

JobKeeper Checklists - Downloadable PDFs 

Please download all of the checklists provided to assist with your JobKeeper application to help ensure you submit all of the correct information.
JobKeeper Employer Eligibility
JobKeeper Workpaper Employee Eligibility
ATO JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice
Economic Stimulus Plans - Jobkeeper Slides
Letter Confirmation to Employee of JobKeeper Nomination

Webinar 9 April 2020

Cashflow Planning in Difficult Times

How do you manage cashflow during the best of times? What about during the worst of times?
With the economy tipping GFC point due to the coronavirus outbreak, the harsh impact is felt directly by small business. So how do you ride the waves during economic changes?

On Thursday April 9th we hosted a complimentary webinar for our clients to:
✅ Understand where the cash goes in your business
✅ Learn how to differentiate your business from competitors and prepare for economic uncertainty
✅ Understand your break-even point and how to reduce the cost of sales
✅ Identify the profit drivers and KPIs for your business
✅ Understand how planning and accountability will help you achieve cashflow freedom

Webinar 3 April 2020
Your Business Continuity Plan

These are unprecedented times for businesses and their people. At SMART Business Solutions we want to provide you with accurate and logical advice to help you minimise the impact the Covid-19 pandemic will have on your business. We’re here to support our clients to develop a plan to get through the coming months.

On Friday April 3rd we hosted a complimentary webinar for our clients to:
✅ Help you build resilience in your team and family at this time
✅ Outline the things you should consider now to minimise the impact on your business
✅ Share a process, a guide and a template for creating your Business Continuity Plan
✅ Give supporting information to help you engage your suppliers, employees, bank and advisors to drive empathetic and effective conversations
✅ Outline some ways we can help you fast track the development of your plan

In addition, we provided our clients with a template for them to prepare their own Business Continuity Plan. Get your template here and download the full Business Continuity Plan guidebook here.

Webinar 27 March 2020

Economic Stimulus Package For Small Business

Shannon Smit, Founder & Managing director of Smart Business Solutions. Shannon is extremely well positioned to provide an easy to understand summary of the packages through her position on the Australian Governments Board of Tax Advisory Panel. Over the past week, Shannon has been actively involved with the Board of Tax and Treasury to provide feedback on the economic stimulus options and the small business taxpayers that fall through the cracks in being eligible.

WEBINAR SUMMARY: Shannon will cover the following topics:
✅ What can you access from the stimulus packages (Federal & State Govt) and how?
✅ What are the banks doing?
✅ What should you be doing now to save your business and your employees’ jobs
✅ Business continuity planning measures and action items for consideration

IMPORTANT Please note - this was current as at March 27th. Since this webinar we have received more clarity on the business owners who receive distributions and dividends from their trusts and companies respectively. Unfortunately characterisation of these payments is NOT possible. Treasury has updated their advice on the website. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR ACCOUNTANT before making any decisions on this. Thanks!

Xero - "How To" Series by Smart Business Solutions

How to use Hubdoc & Xero 

Brandon has recorded a video on how to use Hubdoc & Xero now that Xero has acquired Hubdoc and Hubdoc is now FREE! Hubdoc enables you to easily get bills and receipts into Xero. Manual bookkeeping tasks like entering bills and receipts into Xero automated and easily match transactions to the Xero bank feed, and giving you a better view of how your business is doing.

Lunch & Learn Webinar Series 2020

B.I.T.E Business Conference