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For a business coach to really get into the guts of your business, they need to have the ability to understand your numbers. It's crucial to having full visibility on what's really happening. That's why having a business coach that's also an accountant and a financial advisor is the best decision you can make to elevate your business.

Consider us as your Virtual CFO (vCFO), which is exactly what a small business needs when they want to take the next step in business development.

It takes a fair amount of dedication and focus to make the most out of business coaching. It's not a set and forget process. We have an ongoing and actionable relationship with our clients to ensure that they always feel supported.

We're not the type talk to about our clients, so these case studies have been approved by our clients. They're just of proud of their successes as we are. If their stories sound like something you want too, we’d be proud to be on your team.

Nepean Industry Edge Training (NIET)

I was looking for a business advisor to help me better understand my business and the story that the numbers are telling me. I thought I knew my business and its strengths and weaknesses. Having the skilled team at SMART involved in my business and working on regular financial reporting has helped me see a clearer picture of how my business is doing.


We were looking for a new accountant that would act more like partners in the business. We wanted a team that would guide us towards growth. We interviewed three different firms and were absolutely blown away by the team at SMART and what they could do for us. Five years on and we continue to be blown away.

Rhino 4x4

Rhino 4x4 directors had been previously working with another accountant using MYOB, but they just didn’t have the commercial knowledge that they needed nor the visibility into the numbers. Enter Shannon Smit and the team from Smart Business Solutions to take Rhino 4x4 to the next level.