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Committed to helping our community thrive.

Local organisations are the backbone of any community. They unite people for fun, fitness and for philanthropic purposes, too.

As big community advocates, we allocate at least $20,000 each year to support our local community through our charitable foundation partner, Count Charitable Foundation, and run events & other fundraising activites to significantly increase the amount to make the maximum impact for the community.

Our contributions range from partnerships with charitable organisations and community sporting groups, dollar-matching fundraising events and financial support and sponsorship.

In the past five years we have contributed approx $200,000 through direct contributions and fundraising at events.
By calendar year in 2018 we raised a total of $30,500, 2019 $56,073, 2020 $19,975 (thanks covid!), 2021 $38,500 and in 2022 $48,610!

Committee for Mornington Peninsula.

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula is a new independent, member-based organisation committed to leading and influencing long-term outcomes and to raising the profile of the Mornington Peninsula.

Shannon is a huge advocate for a better Mornington Peninsula in her role as President, testament to her dedication to building a stronger business community.

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B.I.T.E Business Conference.
Not-For-Profit Small Business Event

Shannon is the founder and CEO of B.I.T.E Conference, the first of its kind in Australia run by an accounting firm. A small business conference focused on Business, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship with leading speakers.

"I created the conference because I got sick of going to the city for conferences and felt small business needed a comparable conference locally!"

It is a professionally run conference for a non-commercial, social purpose, not intended to turn a profit. With over 500 attendees and now in it’s 4th year, Business Victoria is now a sponsor with the Small Business minister attending, alongside partnerships with Gippsland Business Council.

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