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We pride ourselves on exceptional client service. With SMART you don’t just have one accountant working with you; you have the whole SMART team, ensuring you will always have someone available to assist at your convenience. We are proud of our SMART culture that thrives on continued learning to keep at the forefront of current developments in tax law, business development, superannuation, software technology and other professional services through our weekly training sessions. We help our clients achieve their goals faster, easier and with more certainty that they can themselves.

Shannon Smit is a CEO and founding director who thrives on breaking the mold of the standard. She's lived in 4 different countries and 6 different cities. she talks a mile a minute, has ideas faster than a speeding bullet and has nailed the art of multitasking. Likes travelling the world. Loves being a soccer mum to her two boys.

Shannon Smit

Nicole Wicks, also known as 'Ninja Nic,' Nicole is the face behind the friendly voice on the phone. An award-winning office administrator, she makes it happen with multiple screens and mega-multiple tabs. May have a shopping addiction. Definitely the biggest supporter of her two teenage daughters.

Nicole Wicks

Paul Cunningham is a chartered accountant with a slight obsession with cricket. President of his local club, he’s played there since his teenage years, perfecting his skills as the ultimate batsman. Is a highly competitive pop quiz and trivia participant. When not on the pitch he’s playing doting dad to his young daughter.

Paul Cunningham

Daniel McCulloch is a chartered accountant who gets a kick out of saving his clients money. Likes German Shepherds. Loves hanging with his two daughters. Spends his free time playing golf or indulging his passion for anything fast on two wheels. Not known for his ability to do the two of these together.

Daniel Mcculloch

Helen Smith is our super organised, super experienced, super senior accountant and practice manager. Officially mother to one young son. Unofficially the mum of the office. A massive music fan. Wants to be buried with her favourite U2 record (yes, record). 

Helen Smith

Erin Turner is an accountant with an affinity for unlocking mysteries. Loves cold case documentaries. Could re-watch Brooklyn 99 over and over. Gets her exercise from dancing and listening to loud pop music. Plans to travel the globe. Has a huge crush on her two blue Staffys.

Erin Turner

Bianca Carroll is a Financial Paraplanner who walks the talk. When she’s not coordinating client financials, she’s studying Financial Planning or planning roads trips with her young family. A secret adrenaline junkie, she’s tried skydiving and scuba. In her previous career as a surgical vet nurse she’s been up close and personal with all sorts of creatures including lions and tigers and bears… oh my!

Bianca Carroll

Anurika Abeyasekera is an accountant with a penchant for nice wine and fast things. She enjoys cycling or driving off-road in a 4x4. Speaks fluent Singalese. Makes an excellent Sri Lankan curry. Our quiet achiever, you can often find her scouring travel blogs planning her next adventure abroad.

Anurika Abeyasekera

Is a Marketing Manager obsessed with typography. The right-brained thinker amongst a sea of analytical left brainers. Loves a colour clash. Would rather never drink coffee than drink a bad one. Enjoys spending weekends cooking and entertaining with friends. Often found playing soccer with her two sons or training for her black belt.

Vivienne Bethune

Fhei Mendiola is a marketing and admin afficionado with a penchant for organizing events of all kinds. Keen on a spreadsheet to get all the boxes ticked. A baker and food lover, enjoys whipping up Indian and Arabic dishes, yet balances her culinary indulgences with a healthy dose of exercise. Loves spending time at the beach with her kids.

Fhei Mendiola

Edith Mendiola is our behind-the-scenes admin-warrior who keeps all the files in check. Loves a spreadsheet. Is happiest when dancing and watching movies with her kids. Cannot live without coffee. Is known for scouring the internet for the best Korean food in town. Dreams of vacationing in South Korea.

Edith Mendiola

Bridie Gude is our Client Services Assistant with a golden smile to match her QLD heritage. Loves the plot twists of crime TV shows. A skilled sportswoman, has played basketball in USA and enjoys a paddle in the crisp surf of Morn Pen. Relaxes with reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer whilst hanging with her staffy, Max.

Bridie Gude

An accounting student at Monash, Hana was born and raised in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. Has mastered the art of Asian cooking yet cites her all time fav food as chicken and noodles. Loves loud techno. Has travelled to various Asian countries but keen to explore Europe and South America. Enjoys the aerial view of the world by skydiving. Chills out with her greatest loves, her two Jack Russells. 

Hana Northey

Karlee Davern is a Mortgage Broker with excellent negotiating skills that she flexes on Marketplace.
Mum-taxi to her three young kids, she squeezes in me-time with a quiet swim or sun salutation. Originally from a cattle farm in country Vic, enjoys exploring the food & wine delights on Morn Pen. Has a penchant for interior design & renovating. Is partial to a Netflix binge when the household is sleeping.

Karlee Davern

Cameron Chrystie

Kylie Diaper

Lachlan Bruce is an assistant accountant who has an inner creative streak. Former guitarist in a black metal band. Currently honing his saxophone skills. Prior to number crushing, was a wordsmith as deputy editor for a UK based magazine. Is a fan of the NFL and collecting rare sneakers. Does not play NFL wearing said rare sneakers.

Lachlan Bruce

Joel Fyson

Jo Lenowry

Jackson Mcilwraith is a Client Services Assistant that loves the thrill of the unknown. Born and bred on the Morn Pen yet has travelled the world, including a full loop of Oz. Obsessed with footy, plays for the Peninsula Old Boys. Is known to shout on the sidelines at Hawks matches. Practices daring tricks on his waterski. Is best mates with Hank, his Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Jackson Mcilwraith

Zoe Dunne