Craft Breweries

Changing consumer tastes, particularly the shift towards premium beers and the desire for a casual ‘craft pub’ experience have seen a strong demand that has benefited our local craft breweries.

“I was referred to SMART from a fellow craft brewer in early 2018 when we wanted to set up a systematic approach to inventory and stock management from the very beginning of our operations. Shannon and Paul understand the ins and outs of the brewery industry requirements completely and set us up with DEAR Inventory which gave us the insights we needed to manage stock, understand and control our costs and grow our range. As TWØBAYS Brewing Co has grown, our relationship with SMART has evolved. They’ve supported our growth, provide sound commercial advice and remain a strong sounding board for all our trickier questions. Shannon offers more than just ticking the ‘compliance’ box, and as strong commercial acumen and shares her knowledge readily. The work they did for us, and the wider local business community, during the first few months of the COVID-19 lockdowns was instrumental in us being able to manage through all the uncertainty and chaos of that time. The team work bloody hard, are very responsive and are always ready to help us grow and evolve.” 

Richard Jeffares, CEO and Founding Director
WINNER XERO Small Business of The Year Award FY22

Many craft beer companies started as a backyard brewer. Growing from a ‘hobby’ size into a business requires significant investment in equipment for the business to evolve to the next level. Managing cashflow for working capital, investment in state-of-the-art equipment, stock control and marketing your business can make or break the success of the brewery.

As the firm that has more craft brewery clients than any other firm on the Mornington Peninsula and greater Frankston region, our team understand excise taxes, risks and opportunities unique to your industry. We take a strategic view of your operations and provide guidance and advice on a number of matters including:

✔   Accounting and tax compliance
✔   Cloud accounting & inventory management software implementation
✔   Exise tax
✔   Strategic taxation advice
✔   Structuring and restructuring

✔   Business management issues
✔   Cash flow and financing
✔   Exit and succession planning
✔   Estate planning

So whether you’re a family owned and operated brewery or managed by a board of directors, we can provide clear, concise and relevant advice to help you succeed.


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