Zoe Dunne

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Zoe Dunne
Executive Assistant // Smart Private Wealth

I started at Smart Private Wealth during the harsh Covid-19 lockdowns in 2021. Previously I had worked as a barista in a casual position. I had lost a lot of work and was finding it very difficult to remain positive. After several businesses turned me down due to having no administrative experience, I applied for the traineeship position with Smart Private Wealth which included a requirement of completing a Certificate III in Business.

Past Experience

Working as a barista involved responding to fast paced environment and great customer service skills. Unfortunately, Covid-19 changed the face of hospitality for a period in time whereby I needed to find suitable employment despite the challenging lockdowns. So I looked for opportunities that could provide more structure and a career pathway. Since I had an interest in financial planning and was skilled in organisation and interpersonal communication, I thought an administration role would be an excellent fit. Unfortunately, I faced rejection in several job applications due to my lack of experience. However, what started off as a disappointing and difficult time has turned out to be the best thing to have happened to me and my career.

Educational Pursuit

I found the trainee position for an Administration Assistant at Smart Business Solutions that required me to study the Certificate III in Business. I researched Smart, and of course and knew that it was the perfect opportunity for me to break into the industry while obtaining a qualification simultaneously.
Since starting my job and training, I have grown both personally and professionally. I have since also completed Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking and Finance to further support my role and experience. Through my courses and on-the-job training I have learned foundational business skills that I didn’t even know I was missing, such as understanding superannuation, investing, money and finance, interpersonal skills, communication, and general administration. I finally feel like I have found my place in the business world, and I now have the clarity and direction that I have always craved in my career.

Entry into Financial Planning Support

I am not a natural-born leader. During the time I have been working at SMART and studying, I have been pushed out of my comfort-zone - of which I am most grateful! I have been offered opportunity to take initiative with both internal operations and client-facing processes. I have realised that one of my skills is being highly organised. This is something I didn’t realise I was good at until recently.

Being offered a company car has been a huge milestone for me! I am proud to be considered as an ambassador for the SMART brand when out and about in my daily life. I have never been so excited about the direction my life is going in. One day I hope to become a Client Relations or Practice Manager. 

I see the good in everything. Life is a gift and there is so much positive if we open our minds to it!

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