Lachlan Bruce

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Lachlan Bruce
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Student // Smart Business Solutions

At the start of 2019, I was stacking shelves on the night shift at my local Woolworths store, with little idea of what my future would look like. Fast forward four years, and I have completed a Certificate IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping, been accepted into a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree at Deakin University, and have worked three years in the accounting industry.

Past Experience

This journey started back in 2016. At the time, work was nothing more than a way to fund my musical aspirations, which did culminate in being signed to a record label in Germany with a worldwide release, but had since been put on hiatus. I was content to go through life as I had at that point with little thought into my future.

In July of 2016, a car running a red light changed all that. The accident put me in a neck brace for 3 months, and I was extremely lucky not to lose either the use of my legs, or my life.

After that pivotal moment, I felt I wanted more from life than just getting by. I spent the majority of 2017 and 2018 researching professions, what education requirements were necessary, and evaluating my own strengths and areas for improvement.

Educational Pursuits

By the end of 2018 I had set myself a loose career goal; pursue a career in the accounting industry, with an aim to enter the traineeship program the ATO offers. The first step taken was to apply for a TAFE course, Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping. Working from 10pm to 6am Friday to Sunday at Woolworths, and studying Monday to Friday was a challenge, but after a solid year I had passed the course with flying colours. From there, the next goal was to apply for university for the 2020 enrollment, whilst also find work in the finance industry in some capacity.

Entry into Accounting
Initially, the role I was applying for was that of a bookkeeper, sending out 50 applications a week. During this time, I got accepted into Deakin University for their Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree. This course allowed me to do a dual major of accounting and financial planning, which really intrigued me, so I jumped at the opportunity.
Not long after being accepted into university did I get a response to a job ad I had posted in a Facebook group. Shannon Smit of Smart Business Solutions read the ad and wanted to interview me for their trainee accountant position which had just opened up.

Since being offered that position, I have learnt so much from what I believe is the best group of people in the industry. I was encouraged to enter into the Australian Accounting Awards in 2022 in the Student of the Year category of which I was awarded as finalist. The training is fantastic at all levels, and the people help nurture a perfect learning environment, where questions are encouraged, and knowledge being passed down is a core value. Working for Smart Business Solutions has also pivoted my initial goal of working for the ATO.  Smart is the best place I can be to grow both my career and my academic achievements.

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