Bianca Carroll

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Bianca Carroll
Financial Adviser // Smart Private Wealth

I am 40 years of age, now hold a Masters Degree in Financial Planning, passed the FASEA exam and am now a fully licensed financial adviser. I recently won a national Emerging Financial Adviser Award. I have an amazing career in financial planning ahead of me. This would not have happened without the support of Shannon Smit and Smart Business Solutions Group.

Past Experience
For more than 15 years I was a surgical veterinary nurse. With a young family, the late-night anaesthetics were making it challenging to juggle so I decided I needed to find another job that would better suit my family life. I looked for an administration role that would be a ‘job to pay the bills’. I did not expect I would find an opportunity to upskill, be fully supported, have a tailored professional development program and a new career.

Educational Pursuits

I was fortunate to be hired full-time in administration within Smart Private Wealth. I quickly found a passion for financial planning and how this can give peace of mind to clients and put them into better financial positions.

During my first goals and review discussion with Director, Shannon Smit, I told her how much I enjoyed financial planning. I quickly learnt her term ‘stretch goals’. Before I knew it Shannon had designed a professional development program for me for the next 5 years. I have never had a boss or company so invested in me or my career. Within weeks, I had begun studying my Diploma of Financial Planning. As soon as I completed my Diploma, I began my Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and then straight into studying my Masters of Financial Planning. No one in my family has ever achieved a Masters Degree!

Entry into Financial Planning
How did I achieve my ‘stretch goals’? I work with an amazing, supportive team at Smart Business Solutions. Our team is like-minded. We are all wanting the best for our clients and the best for our team. Our leader Shannon Smit is ahead of her time. Super efficient, super smart, super supportive, super rewarding and simply one of the best people you could have in your life. Being in an environment where you can succeed and feed your brain with knowledge and have opportunities to learn and train is truly life changing.

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