Hr And The Return To The Workplace

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HR And The Return To The Workplace

It sounds like the name of a new Star Wars movie.

Except it's not. But it IS a webinar. All about SMEs managing your HR obligations when 'The Return to The Workplace" is imminent.

During this Covid-19 era, we've been coming across frequently occurring HR related questions and themes from our clients. And since we're not the HR experts, we called for professional back up.

PRESENTER: Ana Adams, HR Consultant - TQ Solutions

Here's what Ana discusses:

  • High level considerations (Physical safety and legislative obligations/risks, psychological safety, Government recommendations, what do we want to retain from this experience?)
  • Building an effective plan (Consultation with teams, suggested inclusions in a plan, phased approaches, Government websites/resources to support) 

  • Potential challenges (Reluctant or unable to return, requests for ongoing flexibility, COVID flare ups and flexibility).

    22 Sep

    Contractors vs Employees: The Risk To Small Business

    In this pragmatic webinar we help you identify arrangements at risk of triggering significant superannuation guarantee liabilities and explore the steps to minimise that risk. This is an issue that is not going away any time soon.

    25 Jun

    HR and The Return To The Workplace

    21 Jun

    Business Recovery Plan Workshop


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