Shannon Smit is finalist as Small Business Adviser of the Year

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Women In Finance Awards Spotlight 2023
Shannon Smit is finalist as Small Business Adviser of the Year

Shannon Smit, a prominent figure in the industry of finance and small business advisory, has achieved an impressive feat in being named a finalist in the esteemed 2023 Women In Finance Awards. She has garnered this recognition in the highly competitive category of Small Business Adviser of the Year. With a wealth of experience of over 15 years in business as founding director of Smart Business Solutions, in addition to over a decade of experience in corporate Big 4 firms, Shannon has a proven track record of guiding small businesses to success through strategic financial and tax advice.

Shannon's dedication to her craft has earned her a well-deserved place among the finalists. This prestigious nomination highlights her commitment to empowering small businesses and acknowledges her role in shaping their financial growth and compliance strategies.

"I am truly honored to be recognised as a finalist in the Women In Finance awards, particularly in the Small Business Advisor of the Year category. My journey in advising and supporting small businesses has been incredibly rewarding. It's a privilege to contribute to the economic vitality of Australia by leveraging strategic accounting and financial advisory expertise. This award underscores the vital role that professionals like myself play in serving and assisting small-business clients. We've focused on developing and implementing strategies that not only attract but also nurture and ensure the growth and compliance of our valued small-business clients. I'm excited about the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of small businesses and their trusted advisors at this prestigious event."

Shannon Smit
Founding Director and CEO

Turning small ideas into big success.

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