Tradies go digital: how outsourcing can improve your productivity


How outsourcing your admin can improve your productivity.

With the trade industry currently thriving off the boom in the housing market, tradies find themselves busier than ever. As technology becomes more integrated into everyday life and business, the trade industry still remains outdated when it comes to digital processes. When asked what is holding your business back, most tradies say the same thing: the paperwork and admin.

The answer is outsourcing your admin tasks. Not only will this reduce your stress, but you can sleep better knowing you’re saving money, increasing your productivity, and having your work done by an expert.

Right now, the Victorian Government is offering a $1,200 Small Business Digital Adaptation Grant meaning you can power up your digital side with funding to get the wheels in motion. Details on the grant here >>

Digital For Trades

We've got a stack of trades clients on our books so we know what they need to get the job done well. Xero integrated with Next Minute is designed specifically for trades in mind.

The trade industry has had its ups and downs within the last year as a result of COVID-19. Since the announcement of support initiatives for home buyers that were outlined in the 2021 Federal Budget, the Australian trade industry has been booming. One of the most underrated but fastest growing industries, there is simply not enough tradies compared to the demand for their services.

Outsourcing is growing in popularity as business owners uncover the cost and time benefits that it can have. The expenses of having an employee quickly add up, not to mention the time that you need to invest to get them up to speed.

How we can help.

In addition to excellent accounting and business advisory, we're experts at integrating cloud based software like Xero and Next Minute into your trades business.
Give us a call on 03 5911 7000  to discuss how we can help you take advantage of the $1,200 Small Business Digital Adaptation Program, or drop us an email.


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