Tired of being financially in the dark? Or up until early hours doing bookkeeping? Five reasons you should stop bookkeeping and


Tired of being financially in the dark? Or up until early hours doing bookkeeping?

Five reasons you should stop bookkeeping and team with the specialists

Small business owners have a lot to think about: sales, staffing, customer service, vision, growth, the list goes on. In fact, it is hard not to think about your business when you’re a small business owner. Perhaps the one responsibility you would rather not think about is bookkeeping/accounting?

Some business owners try to avoid the hassles of accounting by simply ignoring the problem. “I’m too busy,” they say, but no business can hide from accounting. If late lodgement penalties aren’t motivating enough, hopefully the knowledge that you have basically no visibility into the vital indicators of business health will be.

Sure, there are online tools out there to make the process less burdensome, but could your time be better spent? And while you might think that a part-time bookkeeper might solve your problem, it really depends on your needs, and there are downsides there too.

HERE ARE what we think are THE TOP 5 REASONS TO OUTSOURCE YOUR bookkeeping to SMART Bookkeeping Solutions in Mornington

1) Focus on Growth

This may seem obvious to some, but every minute you spend on your books is a minute you aren’t growing your business. There are plenty of accountants and bookkeepers out there who can do your books better and more efficiently than you, but no one can grow your company better that you can. So, while you focus on growing, selling, hiring and raising more money, our bookkeeping team can handle all of your Invoicing (A/R), billing (A/P), manage your vendor relationships, issue your financial statements.

2) Generate More Revenue

Inefficient internal bookkeeping processes can be a time waster for everybody in your organisation, and time wasted is time not spent building revenue. Our bookkeeping team will set up new efficiencies to reduce the number of touch points with each accounting item (check, invoice, bill, etc.) and allow your entire team to spend more time performing revenue generating activities.

3) Enjoy the Power of Teams

Individual full-time or part-time bookkeepers can be great assets to a company, if you have a great one, well done, hold onto them! If you don’t, or your great bookkeeper has decided to leave, our team can put in place sound processes to ensure important information and processes are not just handled by one person. Working with our bookkeeping team, you are protected against the risk that your bookkeeper may move, quit or go on vacation.

4) Access to Best in Class Software

Choosing the right invoicing, time tracking, expense reporting or payroll software can be arduous. So, stop doing it! Our bookkeeping team is in the business of knowing all about the best technology solutions to streamline your internal processes.

5) Grow with Confidence

Small businesses have a funny habit of growing very quickly. We know it’s a fancy problem to have, but it can be a real hassle if your finance team can’t scale quickly with you. As an accounting firm our bookkeeping team is infinitely scalable and can become your virtual CFO when the business requires it.

IS OUTSOURCED your bookkeeping to us RIGHT FOR YOU?

In many ways, outsourcing your bookkeeping to a specialised firm is right for any sized company, but over the years we’ve developed a simple recipe for the “sweet spot” for companies to make the transition to teaming with us:

  • Planning to have more than $500k in revenue within a year or two
  • Multiple revenue streams or locations
  • Intense interest in rapid growth

SMART Business Solutions Bookkeeping provide bookkeeping services on the Mornington Peninsula so we are always just a phone call, email or a quick drive away to drop in for a coffee. As Mornington Xero Bookkeepers our experienced bookkeepers are qualified and Xero Certified. This enables our bookkeepers to provide a fast and complete package for your business.

Let SMART Business Solutions Bookkeeping be your accounts department and give you Accounts that are managed in a systematic, efficient and timely manner to ensure know your financial position and can meet your ATO compliance requirements all this is available at our competitive bookkeeping rates.

Our Bookkeeping Services include:

  • Appraisal of your existing accounting system
  • Accounts Receivable – Paperless invoice entry (via Receipt Bank) prepared and sent in a timely manner, keep debtors up to date so that you always have an accurate position of outstanding invoices therefore reducing bad debts and maintaining cash flow.
  • Accounts Payable – Paperless electronic entry of your suppliers so you can keep track of your outstanding expenses and pay your bills on time. This also gives you accurate upcoming cash outlays thereby enabling you to effectively manage your cash flows.
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Payroll, Superannuation & PAYG – Provide your business with accurate records.
  • Inventory Management – You will always know exactly how much stock you have without having to do a physically count.
  • Preparation of BAS & IAS- Maintaining up to date records ensures you don’t get fined for late lodgement
  • P&L and Balance Sheet reports Monthly, Weekly etc – Your accounts are managed in a systematic, efficient and timely manner providing you up to date financial data essential for informed business decisions.
  • Xero Accounting Software setup – We can also assist you with inventory, POS, job management, tradie and medical specific and other add-on’s to assist you with your business.

In other words, we take care of your accounts while you take care of your business.

SMART Business Solutions Bookkeeping offer you the perfect range of Mornington Peninsula bookkeeping services for your business. We provide small business bookkeepers to IT Contractors, Tradesmen, Builders, Medical Professionals, Retailers and more. All our clients have significantly benefited from our fixed bookkeeping fees and our business bookkeeping experience and expertise. Our Mornington Peninsula bookkeepers are keen to solve your bookkeeping problems and to be your partner in growing your business …call us today on 03 5911 7000 or email reception@smartbusinesssolutions.com.au .

Want to grow your business & improve cashflow?

You need SMART solutions for YOUR business, not just annual tax compliance! Get the SMART team working with you. Call SMART Business Solutions today on 03 5911 7000

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