Blizzard of Tax Changes Ahead


Blizzard of Tax Changes Ahead

Revised rules require fresh tax and accounting advice, but blame is often directed at tax professionals. Accountants have emerged from the pandemic into a blizzard of changes and keeping clients up to date risks a backlash over tighter compliance rules and increased fees.

Accountants and tax professionals are facing huge changes, which must be communicated and passed onto their clients. As a sector, we've worked hard during the pandemic to maintain businesses and keep them afloat, we're now in a position whereby we need to hand down the firm tax changes onto clients. 

Some of the most common changes include:

  • Professional Firm Profits
  • Section 100A
  • Payroll Tax Changes
  • Working from home deductions
  • Family trust changes

As a firm, we are always maintaining our internal level of training and legislation information so that we can confidently advise our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date rules. As tax professionals, it's our duty of care to our clients to explain any changes that will affect you. Sometimes this means the advice you may have been given 6 months ago may no longer be valid.

We’re in this limbo-land between draft ruling and final ruling where things might change – at times this places us in an incredibly difficult position whereby our advice to our clients may change.

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