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In the 2020-21 Federal Budget, the Government announced the introduction of a new JobMaker Hiring Credit to stimulate job creation. This webinar helps you understand your eligibility for JobMaker credits so you can take appropriate steps to avoid missing out on payments from the ATO.

A Business Recovery Planning session requires you to reconsider all aspects of your business to ensure its best chance of recovery. We'll work with you to develop a concise Business Recovery Plan and clarify the future direction of your business.

Our payroll refresher webinar will cover an overview of Xero’s payroll function. We’ll touch on new features, tips and tricks, auto superannuation, and finish with a demonstration of finalising and submitting Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting at year-end.

An effective business planning process gets to the heart and soul of your business.
This session will require you to take time out from day to day activities in the business to focus on the business. Together we’ll review your past performance and clarify your future direction.

JobKeeper Specifics Webinar

The top problem questions asked and answered + registration issues and monthly reporting. The JobKeeper Specifics Webinar covers the detail of how to work with the JobKeeper program from registration to the ongoing compliance.

Core Values are the essence of a company’s identity; they support the vision and shape the culture of an organisation. Core Values cannot be plagiarised and made to fit an organisation. They need to be developed from within to be authentic to your company and your team.

The JobKeeper subsidy represents the largest single stimulus initiative ever offered to Australian business. A payment of $1,500 per fortnight for each eligible employee for a period of up to 6 months is a massive underwrite of the Australian economy and already hundreds of thousands of businesses have registered their interest to participate in the scheme. Under this scheme many businesses will be receiving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the six-month period. You cannot afford to get this wrong.

How do you manage cashflow during the best of times? What about during the worst of times?

With the economy tipping GFC point due to the coronavirus outbreak, the harsh impact is felt directly by small business. So how do you ride the waves during economic changes?

It is essential that every business has a plan for dealing with the fallout from this pandemic.
A plan will give you peace of mind and clarity for decision-making for the future of your business, and ensure you access Government support entitlements and maximise opportunities to preserve your cashflow and profitability.