WEBINAR: Property Subdivision: The ATO Need-To-Knows

You've got a big block with big plans to subdivide in order to make big bucks.

But do you know the ins-and-outs of property development from a TAX perspective?

Before you jump in and commit to anything, it is important to understand the tax liabilities that might arise from your projects that will affect your overall profitability.

In this practical session we'll cover:

- Why the revenue / capital distinction matters so much
- The practical factors that need to be taken into account to reduce the risk of ATO challenge
- The unexpected outcomes that can arise from partitioning arrangements
- What is considered when we calculate the capital gain or loss from the project or the profit when it is taxed on revenue account
- When the main residence exemption can and cannot be applied
- How to determine whether GST will apply to the project and the concessions that might be available
- How the new GST withholding and notification provisions can impact on both parties

TUESDAY 17th Nov @ 7:30pm


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