JobKeeper: The 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Date: 30 Apr 2020, 9:30am - 10:30am (GMT+10:00) Melbourne

April is a key month for registration for JobKeeper.

There are steps that you need to take in the following months to ensure you continue to be eligible for JobKeeper payments from the ATO. You must get these steps right.

This webinar answers the questions everyone is asking, explores the registration issues and defines the monthly reporting process.

The JobKeeper Specifics Webinar covers the detail of how to work with the JobKeeper program from registration to the ongoing compliance:

✔️ Employer registration – selecting the right test period
✔️ Alternative turnover tests
✔️ Registering if there are some uncertainties on client information
✔️The questions to resolve:

  • Can an ineligible employee become eligible during the life of the scheme?
  • Labour hire firms - what is the position?
  • Service entities - what is the position, and what happens when one entity is eligible and the other isn't?
  • Which entities can register from the start of the scheme and which entities will need to register later in the year?
  • How to deal with an entity that is not registered for GST?
  • Cash vs accruals, what to use and when
  • Relying on the Commissioner's discretion for meeting certain conditions at 12 March 2020
  • How to ensure the SG obligations are satisfied
  • Making sure non-employee business owner situations are reported and managed correctly

✔️A review of the key monthly reporting requirements

  • Knowing your GST turnover within two days of month end
  • Alignment with BAS reporting
  • Tensions with June 30 tax planning
  • How to develop Projected GST Turnover in advance
  • Testing for changes in employee eligibility
  • Registering an employee for the first time during the life of the scheme
  • Client confirmation of monthly reporting data

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