F L O U R I S H Business Coaching 12 Month Program

Date: 06 Feb 2018, 9:00am - 12:00pm (GMT+10:00) Melbourne

The Flourish Business Coaching Program is designed specifically for small to medium business owners commited to growing their business.

Served across 12 x 3 hour sessions throughout 2018, the Flourish Business Coaching Program provides you with essential ingredients to improve your financial literacy, helping you make informed, strategic decisions to help accelerate your business growth.


  • Where did my profit go?
  • What are my business goals?
  • Why am I struggling with cashflow?
  • How do I grow my business?
  • Why am I not living the dream?

We’ll go there. And we’ll cover even more of the tough stuff. Because we know that by addressing these common concerns, we can then arm you with the core tools to build business success and help you live your business dreams.


  • Demystify financial jargon
  • Build a business budget
  • Set up a cash-flow forecasting model
  • Answer the question, “where did my profit go?”
  • Identify gaps in your business model
  • Help you understand your target market
  • Master the 12 core foundations of sucessful business offered across 12 specialised sessions


  1. Tues 6th Feb
  2. Tues 27th Feb
  3. Tues 27th Mar
  4. Tues 17th Apr
  5. Tues 15th May
  6. Tues 5th Jun
  7. Tues 17th Jul
  8. Tues 7th Aug
  9. Tues 4th Sep
  10. Tues 9th Oct
  11. Tues 13th Nov
  12. Tues 4th Dec

$250 per session x 12
First session to be paid up front to secure your interest. You will be emailed an invoice each month for subsequent sessions.

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