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Your Financial Future Starts Now

They say every great journey begins with a single step — and yours is just beginning. Here’s how to get on the path to financial freedom at the same time.

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The pain-free path to changing accountants

There may be several reasons why you’ve decided it’s time to change accountants. These could range from your accountant taking months to complete your accounts or not being a responsive communicator to the fact that your accountant is “old school” and doesn’t understand cloud accounting.

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EOFY Reminders

Another financial year is about to finish! As a business owner, there are many obligations that you need to consider and action just before and after 30 June.
Some of these will help to minimise your tax. Others will reduce your exposure to an ATO tax audit. We have outlined these action points to assist you.

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The moral of the story - You can't leave assets in your Will which are not legally owned by you.

The moral of the story - You can’t leave assets in your Will which are not legally owned by you. Did you know this? It comes as a surprise to many as people just assumed that their all of their assets will be distributed according to their wishes outlined in their will.

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How to get more return from your team of super heroes

If your business is typical of most small to medium enterprises, approximately 60% of your total operating costs are earmarked for your workforce. So, how can you be sure you’re getting the best out of your team of super heroes and ROI for what is arguably your most substantial outlay?

To put it more directly: Are you getting the return you expected from your workforce spend?

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What to develop a property? What are the tax implications when you sell?

We are seeing a lot of property development on the Mornington Peninsula whether it be sub-dividing and developing two new houses, or on a larger scale.

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Tax Law Changes

There's recently been a big tax law change that may reduce the tax deductions for many businesses across Australia.

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It's time to spread your wings and take your business global

Does the idea of taking your best-selling Aussie product or service global appeal? Introducing your offering to international markets can be rewarding, provided you venture forth fully prepared.

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How A Coalition Election Win Affects You

With the federal election done and dusted we've done a wrap up of how the Coalition win will affect you, either as a business or as an individual.
Check it out.

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End of Financial Year Tips

Well the end of financial year is nearly here so what can you do prior to June 30 to keep more money in your pocket and not the tax man? Many proposals from budget night will also impact your future tax position. So take a read through and see which measures can potentially benefit your business

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Tax – What the 2019 Federal Election means for you

With only a few days til' the Federal Election on 18 May, there is a lot of wild speculation and 'fake news' in the media.

We're not trying to recommend who you should vote for. That's a deeply personal decision. Rather, we'd like to help explain how the outcome of the Federal Election will impact you.

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Whats the difference between an accountant bookkeeper and tax agent

It sounds like the beginning of a bar room joke, but in all seriousness and despite their stereotyped images, there are fundamental differences between the three positions.

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