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It's time to spread your wings and take your business global

Does the idea of taking your best-selling Aussie product or service global appeal? Introducing your offering to international markets can be rewarding, provided you venture forth fully prepared.

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End of Financial Year Tips

Well the end of financial year is nearly here so what can you do prior to June 30 to keep more money in your pocket and not the tax man? Many proposals from budget night will also impact your future tax position. So take a read through and see which measures can potentially benefit your business

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Whats the difference between an accountant bookkeeper and tax agent

It sounds like the beginning of a bar room joke, but in all seriousness and despite their stereotyped images, there are fundamental differences between the three positions.

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Are travel deductions for rental properties still available in 2018

In short, the answer to the above question is yes if actively letting residential rental properties is your business and that you have pursued the said business post 1 July 2017. In addition, Companies, superannuation funds (not SMSFs, however), public unit trusts, and managed investment trusts are still allowed to claim travel deductions for any costs related to the upkeep and management of their residential rental properties.

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Buying a home on behalf of a family member

How to help a family member who can’t get finance get onto the property ladder without incurring capital gains tax.

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Best way to finance your business assets

Are you thinking of acquiring, upgrading or replacing capital assets that will be used in running your business?

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