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It all adds up -Xero Roadshow 2020 update

IT ALL ADDS UP – That's what the theme was for Xero Roadshow 2020. Hayley Brass was the Xero’s acting MC for today’s Xero Roadshow at Narre Warren. Hayley started the morning by remembering all the small businesses that were affected by the tragic bush fires and floods in early January. This was a great choice to star the morning.

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How a Business Valuation can boost your Business

If someone were to ask you what your business is worth, would you be able to reply with a realistic figure? Surprisingly, you wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t know the answer to this very important question.

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Find Your One True Accountant

Treat finding an accountant like speed dating.  Life is busy, you need your accounts looked after and you don’t have time to wade through all the possible suitors. 

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R&D Tax Incentives and Government Grants for Your Business

Most businesses are based, either consciously or subconsciously, on the Greek philosopher Plato’s statement indicating that necessity is the mother of invention. You identify a need and then invent a product or process to fill that need.

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How to improve profits

Automate processes to save time

Look at current processes you could change to save you time or money. One way could be changing from manual systems to automatic ones to free up time for more important tasks.

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How to develop new products or services

Conduct customer research to identify new ideas

Ask your customers about what new products or services they would like to see added to your range. Brainstorm ideas with your staff, along with which new markets to target. This article has some advice on how you can unlock innovative ideas.

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