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Lunch & Learn - Knowledge Education Series 2022

Our Lunch and Learn Workshops are designed to help business owners learn essential business skills alongside like-minded business owners who are keen to learn & network.

Our 2022 knowledge education schedule includes a flexible mix of LIVE workshop lunch events plus ONLINE webinars.

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"I have attended a number of Smart Business Solutions Lunch & Learn workshops over the past 3 years and we find them very beneficial. As business owners we tend to concentrate on what we know best and leave all other things to the side but the workshops gives us a great insight to subjects that we do need to know about, and not so hard after all!"

Kim Seeley
Ausmade Joinery


THE WOMAN SERIES // Supercharge Your Super

ONLINE Webinar: Supercharge Your Super
1 June 2022 // 1:00pm - 2:00pm 

New Businesses - How To Start On The Right Foot

Not just for young entrepreneurs, this webinar is designed for anyone who is within their first 2 years of a new business to ensure you've got the most important operational, legal and financial structures in place. 

THE WOMAN SERIES // Rebuilding After Divorce

ONLINE Webinar: Rebuilding After Divorce
5 May 2022 // 1:00pm - 2:00pm 

DONATE The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal


You can help make a difference for people in Ukraine. All donations made through SMART Business Solutions will be dollar matched through our alliance with Count Charitable Foundation.

Stronger Business in 2022

LIVE Lunch & Learn Workshop
29 April 2022 // 12:30 - 2:00pm

THE WOMAN SERIES // Financial Goal Setting

Taking time to ask yourself the big questions can be daunting and empowering at the same time. We tend to want it all, however, prioritising your goals and needs is a valuable step. Can you afford that renovation, holiday or early retirement?

Planning for life and its ups and downs is the first step.

IWD2022 Fundraiser Event

10 March 2022 @ Mercetta, Mornington
Join our International Women's Day 2022 Fundraising Event. Enjoy a local wine and deliciously generous finger food, place your bids on the silent auction packages including vouchers and products from some of Mornington Peninsula’s most coveted.

The Fall Of ProBuild: The Small Business Implications and How to Protect Yourself

ONLINE Webinar Session
3 March // 7:30pm 

The Goal Setting Workshop

LIVE Lunch & Learn Workshop
2 December // 12:30 - 2:00pm

Getting Paid

ONLINE Webinar Session
23 September // 1:00PM

Investing In Property / The Cashflow and Structure Considerations for Property Investment & Development

ONLINE Webinar Session
7 September // 1:00PM

Planning For Your Retirement

ONLINE Webinar Session
18 Aug // 1:00PM

Using Your Super To Buy Property

ONLINE Webinar Session
27 July // 1:00PM

Know Your Numbers

Tax & Rental Properties

Thinking Different Post-COVID: Lunch & Learn LIVE Workshop

The Conversation Everyone Needs To Have

Protection At Every Stage Of Life

WEBINAR: JobMaker Credits - Eligibility & Management

In the 2020-21 Federal Budget, the Government announced the introduction of a new JobMaker Hiring Credit to stimulate job creation. This webinar helps you understand your eligibility for JobMaker credits so you can take appropriate steps to avoid missing out on payments from the ATO.

WEBINAR: SMSF - Is it the right strategy for you?

WEBINAR: Property Subdivision ~ The ATO Need-To-Knows

WEBINAR: Contractor vs Employee: What's the distinction and what is the risk to small business?

In this practical webinar we help you identify arrangements at risk of triggering significant superannuation guarantee liabilities and explore the steps to minimise that risk. This is an issue that is not going away any time soon.

WEBINAR: Helping Landlords & Tenants Manage Tax Obligations

This webinar looks at the common issues that arise in connection with lease arrangements and the special rules that are aimed directly at tenants and landlords. We also look at specific issues that arise when lease arrangements are adjusted in response to the impact of COVID-19.

The Future of JobKeeper and JobSeeker

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