Flourish Business Coaching

The Flourish Business Coaching Program is designed specifically  for small to medium business owners commited to growing their business. The program provides you with essential ingredients to improve yourfinancial literacy, helping
you make  informed  strategic decisions to help accelerate your business growth.


- Where  did my profit go?

- What are my business goals?

- Why am I struggling  with cashflow?

- How do I grow my business?

- Why am I not living the dream?

We’ll go there.  And we’ll cover even  more of the tough stuff. Because we know that by addressing these common concerns, we can then arm you with the core tools to build business success and help you live your business dreams.

Date: Held monthly, starting in Feb 2018 - please express your interest
Time : 9am for 9:30am start - 12 noon
Venue: SMART Business Solutions Level 1 328 Main St Mornington Vic 3931


- Demystify financial jargon

- Build a business budget

- Set up a cash-flow  forecasting model

- Answer the question, “where did my profit go?”

- Identify gaps in your business model

- Help you understand your target market

- Master the core foundations of successful business offered across 12 specialised sessions

Seats are limited, call us on 03 5911 7000 for more information and the next session starting date.

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SESSION 2: Successful Selling
You're already good at what you do. However, most business owners have never received any formal sales training. In a world of rapid change, tighter margins, and greater competition due to digital marketing, it’s essential that business owners dedicate time and energy to obtaining their share of the market.

This Lunch & Learn session provides valuable sales learnings and advice to help you streamline your sales process, boost the performance of your sales team and significantly improve your results.